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Acrylic Bath Liners

Many have the budget for a more expensive, but very long lasting product. Acrylic Liners are a very good choice for those customers. Bathroom liners completely cover the existing bath tub and tub surround creating a brand new liner system. Acrylic bath liners can also be used as a wainscoting for surrounding walls in the bathroom. Tubcoaters of Maryland specializes very affordable bathroom liner kits. Tubcoaters offers a wide range of colors, patterns and selections including, but not limited to, marble and granite patterns. Acrylic bath liners are non-porous, will not fade, chip or crack. “You are buying a finish that can last forever!” In just one day, you can have a brand new look and remodel with your bath liner system. Call us for a free bath liner consultation.

Bathroom liners are also significantly lower in cost then full bathroom remodels. Acrylic liners are a simple solution but very cost effective. Acrylic wall systems are also very soft and warm to the touch. Bathroom tile is very cool to the touch and unpleasant at times, until your warm shower water heats them. Grout lines are also a thing of the past with bathroom liners. All who have had tile and grout lines experience dingy, hard to clean grout lines that are commonly unsanitary. These grout lines are often full of mildew that does nothing but worsen over time. Bath liners require little to no maintenance. You will not have to seal in grout lines every 6 months to prevent mildew growth. The non-porous surface makes the cleaning the easiest. You can conceivably clean the surface with only water and vinegar!!

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