Refinishing Vs Replacing: Why You Should Refinish Your Bathtub

The Baltimore Maryland Bathtub Refinishing job is a great alternative to purchasing a new bathtub. Although many stores offer bathtubs in seemingly low prices, it is still an expensive and tiring process to actually take out the old bathtub and install a new one. The refinishing of an old bathtub makes it appear new again. Moreover there are no hassles of hiring contractors that come and possibly ruin the bathroom so that you will eventually need new flooring, piping, plumbing and/or even tiles.

If you decide to go us for bathtub reglaze instead of a replacement tub, you will not regret this decision! The refinishing job does not require the bathtub to be taken out and it can be done on-site in a few hours by the specialist from the refinishing company.

The refinishing is done on just about any bathtub material such as porcelain, cast-iron and fiberglass. The process is always the same and only requires that the tub be primed, sealed and finally painted. The paint used is a specialized formula and is a highly durable coating that gives a glossy and clean look to the bathtub. Although it is not the original paint used by the manufacturer of the bathtub, there are two advantages in refinishing.

You can choose whatever color you want for the bathtub, and the shine is brighter and may last even longer! The new color can either be similar to the old color or it can be something completely different which can give the bathroom a whole new, exciting look to it.

Another benefit of our refinishing process is that the entire job is done without a great mess and nothing has to be removed, demolished or thrown away. Also please note, that the our specialists have years of experience and the results will be best if done by a professional (we are often asked about DIY, do it yourself kits in which the finish may not last one tenth the life ours even if applied by our technicians).

A job done by Baltimore Maryland Bathtub Refinishing is something that you can be proud of and will give your bathtub a new, fabulous look. The results of your refinished tub are just as good and may be better than with a brand new tub, without the trouble of removing the old one and having to find several different specialists to install and repair your bathroom.

$800 – Demolition & removal

$350 – Cost of replacement tub

$375 – Plumbing cost (drain, and lines)

$500 – Tile installer (tile and grout)

$225 – Carpentry, molding caulking, etc.

$2,250 Total Replacement Cost

Recommended Time without tub: 7-10 days

$299-$550 Refinishing of tub*

$299-$550 Total Refinishing Cost

Recommended Time without tub: 24 hours

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