Bathtub and Tile Refinishing Process

Bathtubs are considered an indispensable fitting in any modern bathroom. Decorative and classy bathtubs add glamor to any bathroom. Instead of considering the bathtub as a bathroom component, a bathtub has been a place to unwind, soak in, relax and get rejuvenated for many people.

Traditional bathtubs are made of porcelain, fiber glass, ceramic, cast iron or cultured marble. Whatever it is made of, in due course any bathtub is likely to become pitted with small broken chips and cracks; and lose its luster and then become an eyesore. If the bathtub has become outdated or worn out, it is time to for a change. But wait! The bathtubs need not be thrown away and the old bathtub replaced. Replacing an old bathtub can be quite costly as it involves demolition and plumbing costs too. It is also time consuming, tedious and can be very inconvenient. Refinishing any type of bathtub is an option and a practical solution that can be useful. It can save a lot of money and time. The end result is sure to give a fabulous and fresh look to your bathtub and in the process to your bathroom too. This can be achieved in an economical way.

First the area surrounding the bathtub will have to be masked and covered to protect it from paint spills and other possible damages. Other fixtures like cabinets, sinks and toilets have to be covered. Then the tub has to be cleaned especially to clear the scales and soap layers that had collected over the years.

Next is repairing the tub. The gaps, chipped and cracked areas have to be filled with a good water proof material. The entire tub must be spray painted to give a new look. The painting should not leave any drips. It should leave a glossy finish. In less than 48 hours after refinishing the tub, it is ready for use again.

Baltimore Maryland Bathtub Refinishing rejuvenates the entire bathroom. The refinishing is highly durable. Your tub does not need not be taken to a shop for refinishing. Most importantly it can be highly rewarding and financially worthwhile.

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